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Olbermann Worst: Glenn Beck Intimidated By ACORNs Scott Levinson. Attacks Later. video

GOLD: Glenn Beck: Better not mess with Beck! Scott Levinson sure found out…yep, just ask Glenn. After Levinson started making hash out of Beck’s argument, the intrepid debator shut his guest’s mic off! After a commercial break where Levinson vanished,the believers got to hear what ‘Really’ happened, according to
Beck. I picture him with a housecoat wrapped around him, holding a yappy little dog, reporting how he chased that bad man out with a rolling pin. In Beck’s version, there was a glorious battle, with Beck kicking Levinson out, and the curr
having the nerve to hit on one of the Fox vestal virgins on the way out. It is quite the epic tale, and well worth hearing! Glenn Beck has a ready imagination as large as his yellow streak.

SILVER: O’Reilly, of course. Somehow, he has managed to construct a law of protection for pedophiles out of the hate crimes bill. He has some other delusions about who this bill does and does not protect, which he’s apparently borrowed
from another wing nut with a vivid, but limited imagination.

BRONZE: The Hannity Boy. Brushing up on a little distorted history, but even more concerned with President Obama’s choice of what condiments to place on his cheeseburger. Just a thought, maybe try crosswords or jigsaw puzzles Sean, now that you don’t have Colmes to put lit cigarettes out on while you wait your turn.