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Pecker Won’t Stand Up For Trump in Cohen Case

Donald Trump’s terrible, awful, very bad week just got a lot worse. Long time Trump ally David Pecker, has been granted immunity in the federal investigation of Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen.  As Trump is struggling to come to terms with Cohen’s testimony; David Pecker hied himself to the U.S. Attorneys Office to corroborate Cohen’s story.

David Pecker, who has enjoyed a cozy relationship with Trump for years, is the head of the company that publishes the National Enquirer. Pecker practiced what is called ‘catch and kill,’ effectively buying and then squelching stories damaging to Trump. Most relevant to this case is the hush-money payment to Karen McDougal, proving Cohen’s claim that Trump directed him to pay women off for their silence.

Did Trump never learn that money talks? Dollars may buy quiet for a time, but the sound of prison doors swinging wide in greeting, makes even spare change downright garrulous.

WSJ: National Enquirer publisher David Pecker granted immunity