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Jim Jefferies: QAnon Conspiracy Freaks Explain Outrageous Beliefs

Jim Jefferies talks with a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists, and finds out just how outlandish their beliefs are. By the time you have watched this short video, you need wonder no more how Donald Trump ‘gumped’ his way into the Oval Office.

QAnon members claim that they are a major player in ‘ a shadow civil war between rogue intelligence agencies and ‘good guys.’ Ordinary in appearance only, The QAnon fringe believes,“Trump is the most intelligent man in our lifetime.” Trump is so clever that QAnon members parse his tweets, deciphering them via numerology to find great meaning in his words. I can only imagine the wisdom inherent in “Witch hunt!” “No collusion!” and “I have a very good brain!”   Like Trump, there isn’t a conspiracy theory that QAnon won’t accept and promote, even if it means embracing the flat earth theory.

The gaggle of goons preach that Queen Elizabeth is one of many demonic shape-shifters and has been observed by thousands performing her parlor trick. Hillary Clinton is a major villain (yawn), breeding babies for human trafficking. The world is full of alien lizards, demons and plans laid out by JFK Jr.. You may not believe this, but  QAnon also has some truly bizarre theories too! QAnon isn’t comprised of a few harmless nutters, they have a rather large following.  Jim; ” they’ve elected one of their own to run the country, and we should all be scared as Hell!”

Sitting Down with QAnon Conspiracy Theorists – The Jim Jefferies Show