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Racism is in our DNA

My epiphany some years ago:
United States has 13% black population.
39 of the richest 40 nations have single payer health care, only we do not.
Of those 39 nations the one with the largest population of a racial minority was Australia with 1.5%.
And there you have it. Happy to pay in to help people just like us.

In fact everyday I hear from numerous old pals turned Republican in email that the most important issue to them is “MY HARD EARNED TAX MONEY GOING TO THOSE LAZY… ” Worded different, but always that same issue.  Paying taxes to support people unlike me.
It is in this nations DNA.
Living down South here now for 40 years I have found that the few white liberals I have found [7 in 40 years] we agree on most everything but race.  And I give them a break because the racism is in their education, their history books, it’s in their family for generations, their parents, it’s so deep they don’t even know it’s there.  To them it is class not race.

Their argument is that if White guys took a knee it would get the same response from Trump and company?
But what would a White guy take a knee for?
Beer tax increase?
Traffic fines?
Hooters bill error?
Cost of red ties rising?
F150 recall?
Help me with this…