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Republican Women Gena Sosa & Irina Villnario normalize sexual assault

Republican Gena Sosa asks what high school male has never held down a 15 year old, put his hand over her mouth to stop the screaming, pulled down down her swimming suit and grabbed her privates?  Um… well… ME. And I would guess about 99% of other high school men.  I would guess Gena Sosa would also claim that all college men drop trow, dangle their dick in front of a girl so close she cannot help but touch it. Well I didn’t and I would guess about 99% of other college men did not either.

Republican Irina Villnario asks so what? He merely touched her on the arm and shoulder which is no big deal.

And please no matter how awful Anita Hill was treated that was workplace harassment, in both cases this is sexual assault.

I question how many of these Republican women are saying this silly crap because their prime mission in life is for a large intrusive government to deny reproductive freedom to force all OTHER women to have children they do not want in their life?

Their names again Gena Sosa & Irina Villnario

GOP voter on Kavanaugh: What boy hasn’t done this in high school?