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Seth Meyers: Hurricane Florence, “Unfit Moron” Trump’s Ratings Lowest Yet

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump, while addressing Americans about the other national crisis, hurricane Florence. Flanked by charts, and pages of information, which he ignored equally, Trump tells Floridians to prepare for a storm that is; “tremendously big and tremendously wet.” Trump – who is unappreciated bigly, awards himself an “A-Plus on his disastrous handling of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. C’mon, he really threw those towels like a champ! Anything that went wrong, and there was plenty, is the fault of the local leaders and – this is news, it is an “unreachable island” – so what are you going to do?!  Seth: “Not only is he a callous incompetent moron. He’s tremendously big and tremendously wet.”

Always bragging about his “historic” firsts – which are never true, Trump truly deserves an A-Plus for this one; his approval rating has plummeted to  a historic 36%  – and falling, heading into the mid-terms!

For those who feel good about the “adults” lauded in the famous op-ed, Bob Woodward’s book is a bracing splash of icy reality. The anonymous writer’s motives are questioned. Furthermore,  anecdotes show the ‘better angels’ in Trump’s “dangerously unfit” ears, encouraging him to “f***ng kill” other leaders, sounding downright satanic. Woodward’s book promises to be a juicy and horrifying all-night read, a la Stephen King. Unlike reading King, there is no comfort the next morning when you reassure yourself that it was only fiction and things like that just don’t happen in real life – do they?

Trump Calls Puerto Rico Response “An Unappreciated Great Job”: A Closer Look