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“Radiantly Dumb” Donald Trump is a Fascist Moron & the FBI is Crooked – Get Angry with Keith Olbermann

 Keith Olbermann Gets ANGRY with Fascist Morons Like Trump and the FBI - You Should Too!

Donald Trump is a moron…But Keith Olbermann knows that we can beat morons with the weapons still left to us – the ballot.  Oh, I know…You may be feeling anxious and depressed because of this endless election, just like me.   If you’re so blue that even Melania’s cyber-bullying speech fails to nudge an eye-roll, much less gales of helpless laughter, you need a tonic. Buck-up Sparky!
Olbermann’s ‘sermon’ works as a tonic for the election-trodden. Yes, the FBI and the Trump goons are working together, and the gullible and deplorable alike believe alt-right tales of Hillary’s criminal behavior…But Keith also preaches hope. We can’t fall to the “Radiantly Dumb Donald Trump.” We need to Get Angry with Keith.  He’s right. “These people ARE G** Damn Fascist Morons, and we can beat them!