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Republicans add slaughtering children to their NEW LOOK for 2014, Lewis cartoon

GOP for slaughering children

Also heard today that no Republican Gay groups will be invited or welcome at CPAC, the biggest Republican conclave of the year. The times are not achanging…

My local community voted this week to support the 2nd Amendment by not allowing any government entity or agency to infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms. Individuals stood to make loud NRA speeches. Unanimous approval and raucous standing ovations, applause and shouts of agreement in a crowded small town community room.

A couple things about that. There has never been such a vote for any political issue before. It is out of the venue of City Council and the Mayor who signed it. It brings back pre Civil War law. How could it be, that even in Texas, 100% of the crowded venue was filled only with Tea Party Republicans? One of the council members was a local Tea Party leader who put out the call.  And lastly the truth of this matter.

THEY came down here and freed THEM from OUR property rights. THEY made US eat, drink, sleep and take a crap with THEM. THEY have made it okay for THEM to marry OUR women and live next door. THEY have made us allow THEM to freely vote. THEY have forced US to give THEM the same advantages WE have enjoyed for 300 years. THEY have forced us to allow some of THEM to tell US what to do. WE now have one of THEM forcing US to pay for THEIR health care. But WE will STAND OUR GROUND and never allow ONE OF THEM to take our guns away.

I leave it up to you to fill in the names for THEY, THEM, OUR and US.


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