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Republicans hate Obamacare because it will work, Britt cartoon

obamacare works

obamacare works

Once we get past what KIND OF PERSON it is who would want to have 30 million people denied health insurance, who want to deny those already sick coverage, who are against parents having children covered by their health plans, want caps for very sick children, make getting sick cause your your job, your car, your savings, your children’s education and your home?

Not to mention the KIND OF PERSON who would make denying so many millions heath care as the most important anger generating purple turning issue they have. Even more upsetting to them than Mexican immigration, blacs voting and background checks to buy machine guns. .

Those of course are all good indicators of such people, but there is a secondary issue at play here regarding The Affordable Care Act. They hate the bejesus out of it because like Social Security and Medicare as it kicks in Americans will accept it, and perhaps move toward a single payer system that the rest of the civilized world gladly accepts. Which means of course, that rest of the world are all communists. .

This is all so very very simple to fix. Cover everyone through a payroll tax going to private non profit insurance companies, giving us more coverage for half the cost, and which will eliminate the deficit and the debt in a couple years creating millions of jobs. .

Change the words OVER 65 to EVERYONE in the Medicare Law.  That’s it! Which BTW is what most Americans want. The recent negative polls on Obamacare includes those like me who don’t like Obamacare because it should be Single Payer. And the relentless Republican propaganda about job killing socialism.

So what is their only argument against Obamacare? They SAY it will kill jobs offered by small businesses. But then again they say that about everything.