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The Donald Trump Reince Priebus and the Primaries Problem

Donald Trump orangutanThough there are half a dozen other good reasons why Reince Priebus doesn’t want anyone but Republicans seeing the next batch of clowns debate in the 2016 GOP primaries, it is King of the Birthers Donald Trump who is driving that 2016 clown car.

How many Tea Party clowns will it be this time?  Let’s see… There will be The Donald, frothy fecal matter Rick Santorum, Dr Ben Carson as the perennial Right-wing Black guy, silly but armed Rick Perry, and Looneytarians Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Who will be the GOP Bimbo to replace Michele Bachmann is unknown but it could be Bachmann again or, please Lord, Sarah “There will be blood” Palin. [Maybe Ann Coulter will give it a try to help sell some new book she will be pushing. If that happens I am sure the big issue will be her having to prove she is not a man in drag.]

Representing the not so crazy Republicans will be Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman and Marco Rubio. Though Rubio’s star has been falling no matter how hard to the right he is now turning. After all, he once spoke for comprehensive immigration reform. He is now running from that but it seems too late, the very White Republican base will not forgive him.

All in all though it is The Donald who Reince Priebus most does not want anyone other than Fox News viewers to see representing the GOP in the primary debates. Run Donald Run.