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Samantha Bee endorses Hillary Clinton

Samantha Bee endorses Hillary ClintonTo make a long video short, the reality of the intense dislike of Hillary Clinton all comes down to one thing. Hillary Clinton is and has been the most well known and powerful FEMINIST in America.  And Milo Yiannopoulos don’t like that one single little bit, let me tell you.

In fact this month Breitbart’s Milo is doing his college Dangerous Faggot tour with a mattress on his back to make fun of college women who claim they have been raped when in fact they are just lying sluts.  But it is not just Milo who hates feminism, so do sexists, racists, white nationalists, Muslims, Christians, conservatives, Republicans and most men.  Hillary Clinton is not only a feminist, but after 30 years of suffering the onslaught of Republican smear campaigns, understands them all too well and isn’t going to give them an inch.  Which was the reason I picked her instead of Obama in 2008.