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Sarah Palin: I Owe America A Global Apology


Sarah Palin's global apology to Americ

My mind began to race when I read the title “Sarah Palin’s Global Apology to America.” First of all, Sarah Palin does NOT apologize. If indeed Palin was apologizing, I was about to see a precedent-setting interview with her good FOX friend Sean Hannity. Secondly, I was to see how one can apologize ‘globally’ to (only) one country.

Never mind the linguistics, Palin’s apology was said to involve America and John McCain. Could Sarah be sorry for the ignorant snowbilly reputation she’s saddled Americans with on a global scale? Is it possible that she has gained insight, and is sorry for ruining John McCain’s chances in 2008? Either one  of those issues would be reason enough for an apology – and a not-to-be-missed moment in the spotlight. However, Sarah is not at fault. She is only “sorry that John McCain isn’t president.” Oddly, she claims no part in his disastrous loss – so why did she use the word apology?

Surely there is a seed, a hint – a glimmer of why she is apologizing hidden hidden somewhere within this interview! As they say, don’t hold yer breath. If you’ve only seen worms used as bait,you’re about to see how an apology can be used to reel in the big ones.
What Sister Sarah accomplished, was to sucker us in with an ‘apology’ so we’d listen to her specious Obama slams. She emphasizes the the eminent threat of ISIS – made worse she claims,  by Obama’s care-free, live and let live strategy for dealing with them.
Will someone please drop a current newspaper on her doorstep and hi-light the relevant parts?

After this news flash, FOX fiends beliefs that Obama golfs continually and is soft on terrorism are confirmed.  A bullet between Bin Laden’s eyes at Obama’s behest, does not impress the Palinator crowd!

If Sarah Palin was sincere, she’d apologize for taking the bit in her teeth and humiliating John McCain. It’s okay by me if she doesn’t. He did choose her in an incredibly insulting effort to nail down the female vote.  Sarah would be sorry for misleading us with titles that get our hopes up just to rip the President with propaganda – but she’s not, I suspect she’s rather pleased with herself.
Most importantly, Sarah Palin would express regret for misleading her brainwashed followers. Because of her, the misinformed, the brain washed, the teabaggers and the feeble minded continue to vote for the wrong people. Consequently, the government continues to be controlled by aloof, elitists who don’t have ‘her people’ at heart…But Sister Sarah’s bank account never suffers, and she’s not sorry about that – either.

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