Stephen Colbert helps President Obama pad his resume

Stephen Colbert helps President Obama pad his resume“So, 55, tough time for starting over for a man. I don’t see any promotions in the past 8 years, that doesn’t look good. Oh, and where were you born?”  Stephen Colbert helping President Obama with his resume and job search.

But of course what gets the most air play is Stephen Colbert comparing The Donald to a “shriveled tangerine covered in Golden Retriever hair filled with bile I wouldn’t leave alone with the woman I loved.”

Supreme Court Battle Uses Biden Rule vs Merrick Garland – Samantha Bee

Supreme Court Battle Uses Biden Rule vs Merrick Garland - Samantha Bee

Republicans make it childishly simple for bright comedians like Samantha Bee to use their own words as  comedy  jujitsu   against them, and their refusal to accept  Merrick Garland as the Supreme Court appointee makes for a comedic TKO!

Consider the snarky words of Oriin Hatch. “Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man..He probably won’t do that and because this appointment is about the election. So I’m pretty sure he’ll name someone the (liberal Democratic base) wants.”

The nerve of Obama to troll Republicans with their heart’s desire!  He knows they can’t accept Garland now – that dirty bird.  Obama’s constant attempts to reach across the aisle are best personified by the reaction of Fox where strident cries, rife with umbrage and dark warning were heard. ‘IT’S A TRAP!’  ‘HE’S JUST PRETENDING TO BE BIPARTISAN,’ WE OUGHT TO CALL HIS BLUFF; I Say IT’S A TRAAAP!’ and other thoughtful analysis. Fortunately Jesus Christ wasn’t appointed by Obama, because ‘it’s the principle, not the person’ – they claim, when in fact, there is one person they object to in this equation, so much their hair hurts.

Because the ‘Thurman Rule’ flopped,  Republicans tried jujitsu of their own, with ‘The Biden Rule.’ To the surprise of a Fox interviewer, Rep Jeff Flake of Arizona acted out the real Biden Rule, when Flake said words on air that are only to be uttered with a dead mic, preferably behind closed doors.  Flake revealed; “I’d rather have a left, liberal nominee like Garland than the liberal nominee Hillary would  appoint.”  Hillary’s appointee would be a transgender, Black Panther, abortion doctor. As Sam points out, at last someone is following The Biden Rule.

Justice Scalia’s Successor Could Be a HUGE Surprise, Late Night with Seth Meyers

Justice Scalia's Successor Could Be a HUGE Surprise, Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the political battle over who will replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, and tries to  help Republicans drop their stubborn stance of waiting, and let the President choose – as the Constitution decrees. Republicans do not seem to have considered that the next president may not be a Republican.  All of the Republican ‘jiggery-pokery’ might well bite them in their collective ass.

Because getting your wish can sometimes be the very worst thing to ever happen, Seth Meyers reminds Republicans that – unless they’ve ‘argle-bargled’ the election, the next president could be Bernie Sanders, or  (shudder) Donald Trump. If you’re wondering who  Bernie or Donald would they chose,Seth has some fun ideas to consider.

Republicans should  not forget that Hillary Clinton might be the next president – for whom they insist upon waiting, and  it has been suggested that if that is the case, she should consider Barack Obama to fill the spot. She likes the idea – imagine it!

As Seth says, it would be worthwhile just to see Ted Cruz’s head explode.