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School Shootings the ‘Norm’: Obama’s Plea to End Gun Violence

School Shootings the 'Norm': Obama's Plea to End Gun Violence

President Obama was clearly emotional when he spoke about American gun violence at UC Santa Barbara. A student asked “What are you going to do?  What can we all do?” It turns out there isn’t much the President can do without the cooperation of Congress, because he isn’t the dictator Alex Jones and FOX ‘news’ claim he is.

Today, while we’re talking about the school shooting in Oregon, it’s worth noting that since Sandy Hook in December of 2012, the unthinkable has continued to happen!  Since that horrifying day in December of 2012, when Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut we have experienced at least one violent school shooting every eight days. Seventy four more school shootings have occurred. As the President says, no other country would put up with this!   He is right!  Although he has never threatened to take guns away from open carry morons, like Chicken Little, whose sky is falling – they spread the word that he is planning to do exactly that! It must be at least a bit tempting to swoop in with the full might of the military and take away all but cap pistols…But cooler heads prevail
Like other sane Americans the President sees through the smoke,stating the obvious – although we dare not whisper as it aloud. Obama observed, “No Other Developed country would ‘put up’ with this!”

In a must-see video, the President knocked down the excuses commonly used. In part, Obama said,
“Nothing much surprises me. The fact that twenty 6- year- olds were gunned down in most violent way possible is stunning.” He moved on to a common excuse. ”  A lot of people will say there’ is a mental health problem not a gun problem.” We must be the craziest nation on the planet in that case. Although it may seem that we are when we observe roving gangs of open-carry nuts, the President didn’t let this excuse gain footing, saying:”WE don’t have a monopoly on psychosis, ye we kill one another in these shootings that kill more than anyone else.”

What is different about us as a nation then? The President said the difference is “These guys can   stack up a massive amount of ammo in their houses, and it’s becoming the norm,and we take it for granted in ways that are terrifying to me, especially as a parent.”

He had much more to say, but ended on this despairing note. ” I’m willing to work with sportsmen and gun owners to craft specific solutions but it’s not possible to get mildest restrictions through Congress and we should be ashamed of that!”