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Seth Meyers A Closer Look: Surreal Trump-Putin Meeting

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the surreal Trump-Putin meeting in Finland, in which Trump’s performance can simply be described as heartbreaking…Treasonous, idiotic and doltish come to mind as well. We must crank up the ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp factories America!
After a week in which the boorish Trump literally put the Queen of England in the shade Рnobody puts Baby in the corner, and nobody ever walks ahead of the Queen; Trump demonstrated that he had no idea what or who BREXIT is, and announced that Ireland is part of the UK. Things truly  went downhill when Trump met with his KGBBFF in Helsinki

Today some Republicans are speaking out against Trump’s anti-American performance in Helsinki Oddly, Trump’s call to Russia¬† to hack Hillary’s email, on the very night the server was hacked, didn’t impress them that there might be good reason for Robert Mueller’s alleged ‘witch hunt.’

Trump’s Summit with Putin: A Closer Look