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Michelle Wolf Roasts Steven Miller, Heartless Trump Immigration Toadies

Michelle Wolf’s ‘Teeny Roast’ makes it scorching hot for the heartless politicians behind Trump’s gawd awful immigration ‘policy.’
Trump’s recent “Insult the Allies and Kiss Putin’s Butt Tour” has pushed the immigration tragedy out of the forefront of the news. To remind the villains that they aren’t off the hook, Michelle makes a bonfire of their vanities. Lucky but unwilling participants include but aren’t limited to: Sec.of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Gargoyle Steven Miller and  Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.

Michelle addresses Mike Pence – in part”

“I’d love to die the same time as Mike Pence just so I could see your face when Saint Peter says ‘get the f**k out of here!’  I know you hate gay people, but you always look like you’re holding *** in your mouth.  A lot of people would take Mike Pences’  homophobic views as a sign of self hatred because he’s really gay. I think he’s jealous. They’re everything he’s not…Interesting, attractive –  and going to heaven!”

The Break with Michelle Wolf | FULL EPISODE – Entertainment Explosion | Netflix