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Jimmy Kimmel: Trump-Putin Summit More Winning!

Jimmy Kimmel breaks down Trump and Putin’s awe-inspiring summit and press-briefing. Clearly Trump’s winning deal-making expertise turned the tables on Putin.While the ‘strength and power’ of Putin’s denial of hacking the 2016 election made Trump’s knees buckle,and resemble a Putin fan-boy,Trump clearly outfoxed the Russian dictator. Why else would Putin simply offer to send his very own expert investigators to the U.S. to aid us in our investigation of the hacking? Suspicion is truly a useless, harmful emotion. Gosh!

While the indictment of 12 Russia intelligence agents for hacking Clinton staff members and DNC servers is seen as a timely message from Robert Mueller, one person views it as sweet vindication! “It’s not always the fat guy” says a once-anonymous hacker. You’ll remember that Trump, basing his theory on son Barron’s computer literacy, claimed that the deed was done by  a ‘400 pound loser’ lying in bed committing high crimes and misdemeanors, because the Russians whom Trump invited to hack Hillary’s email cannot be the culprits!  As former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger inquired in a televised interview: “What’s the matter with you?!!”

Jimmy Kimmel on Trump/Putin Summit