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Smart bombs and smart girls, Lukovich cartoon

Smart  bombs and smart girls

There is some unpopular pragmatism. Smart women create more democracy and drones work.

Here in America it is not so much smart women, but smart people we don’t like. After all, they tell us many things we don’t like hearing.

How much power does the media have?  In the early 2000s about 10% of us didn’t give a ratsass about global warming, then with Al Gore in 2006 about 70% of us cared, and now it’s back down to about 10%. Bullpoop works. And it is money that makes it work.

Drones?  NSA?  I take a different spin from my fellows on both issues. Drones because I once signed for the lives of 100 men and found it to be a no brainer to put a bomb rather than one of my men in harms way no matter the collateral damage. MY MEN COME FIRST.

As to the NSA, I see that as a matter of pounding one’s head against the wall. Technology advances. License plates can now be read from space, soon it will be fingerprints and DNA. And besides, about a billion people go on Facebook to give the world their life stories in text, photos, videos and their coordinates for christsake.

Both issues have become a political exploits for a silly Christian Evangelical Looneytarian by the name of Rand Paul to get the young vote and the GOP nomination for President.

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