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SNL COLD OPEN, Hillary Clinton’s Email

SNL Hillary Clinton's emailThis sketch is not so much about Hillary Clinton’s email as it is the bigger problem she has with Republicans, she is a strong woman, ie, an uppity witch.

Just hours ago George Will claimed this is not only the worst political scandal but he likened Hillary Clinton’s email account to George Orwell’s totalitarian regime from the book 1984.

Tomorrow is Monday on Fox News & Friends where they get their weekly call from The Donald Trump who will tell us just how HUGE this is. REALLY HUGE.  BTW I watched all of Fox News Sunday and there was no mention of Ben Carson.

Well after this SNL cold open we know who will be the President Hillary Clinton impersonator for SNL. That is if Kate McKinnon isn’t goobled up by the movies before hand.  But she should be around next year for the debates.  Oops.  Hmmm… Well, with Emailgate being so HUGE and indicative of totalitarian communism, we should expect Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders Martin O’Mally, Jim Webb and Gropin’ Joe Biden all in for the debates!

And why is no one calling this EMAILGATE?  Is it too HUGE or too irrelevant?

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