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SNL Roasts Diane Feinstein gives the finger to the Green New Deal kids

Diane Feinstein is a mean girl!
The Green New Deal

  1. The Green New Deal is a joint resolution, not a bill, by co authors Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Republicans of course zero in not on the equal white guy, but The Other, Hispanic, Puerto Rican, young woman.
  2. The Green New Deal comes directly from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. You know, the smartest scientists in their field who not only read books but write them too!
  3. They predict that if something is not done in the next decade it may well become irreversible. Not the immediate end of the world, just a call that we better get started NOW. AOC did not say the world would end in 12 years
  4. The report is a resolution what should be done over the next 70 years, by 2090. NOT TOMORROW, gosh.

Of course the Republican Base – which is now 89% of Republicans – screams AOC!  AOC!  SMOLLETT! SOCIALISM! AOC! [gosh they sure made a star of her] And kiss your cars and hamberders goodbye!

It is not about taking cars away, it is about taking the internal combustion engine away. And I am sure that we will have taken care of that long before 2090.
Hamberders?  Long before 2090 we have will hamberders made out of some damn thing other than dead cows that will taste as good or better and be better for us.

And of course the end of fossil fuels as our major energy source.  Example. Elon Musk is already well on the way to the storage of solar and wind energy. Electric vehicles already jacking up battery power with less weight and bringing down the cost. Thankyou ChiNa. So if that is on the near horizon where will we be in 2090.

The Green New Deal is just a RESOLUTION and all Democrats should get behind it. It is wise.