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Trump’s Dementia Showing with Tim Cook Blunder – Anderson Cooper Ridiculist

Yesterday the Trump – who claims “I am highly educated. I know words. I have all the best words,” didn’t have the right word when he needed it most. Trump addressed Tim Cook, very carefully pronouncing his name – ‘Tim Apple.’ No one reacted to the gaffe – outwardly, least of all an unblinking Ivanka who appears to be exploring her own inner world.

Some say that it is simply a gaffe, a one-off, but when lightening strikes twice, we are seeing a pattern.
Last year at another important meeting, Trump introduced Marilyn Houston, CEO of Lockheed.  Imagine the hushed room, and Trump very slowly and deliberately enunciating Houston’s name; “Marilyn Lockheed.”

So far no one has introduced Trump as Donald J. Bankrupt-Casino, utilizing the hyphen that Trump staff employed in the transcript to make it seem as if he placed ‘Cook-Apple’ together. We aren’t fooled, Donald J. Impeachable-You.