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Stephen Colbert, Generalissimo Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Executive Amnesty, where 5 million Mexicans get their own bathrooms with WIFI and hot towels.

Generalissimo ObamaIf only Republicans were as good at governing and advancing American progress as they are coming up with soundbites that they all tune into in lockstep. Executive Amnesty. Hmm… I always thought amnesty was a good thing, not the worst possible thing. How did that get turned around?  I guess it’s that character thing. It all seems to be either a character thing or a stupid thing.

Who makes that soundbite call each week I wonder?  They all seem to get the phrase at the same time, Fox News, talk radio, the RNC, each Republican Senate and House member, each GOP governor and so on.

Standard thought is it comes from Fox News each Friday, though I would not be surprised if it comes from the weekly breakfast meeting with Grover Norquist which has been going on each Wednesday now for 30 years where all the top Right-wing bigshots meet when visiting Washington. Oh to be a fly on the wall in there each week.

No! Wait! The soundbite has changed, it is now Emperor Obama it seems.

One thing I am sure we have all taken notice of since the week after President Obama took office is that the words FOUNDING FATHERS and THE CONSTITUTION have been so ubiquitously implemented into Republican talking points that both phrases now only serve as a queue that whatever comes next is going to be a greasy pot of right-wing swill.

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