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Stephen Colbert: One Pope over the line sweet Jesus

two popes It's like a Twix Bar! Two for me and none for you! What with all the cannibalism inherent in Catholicism perhaps each new pope should eat the last pope. Didn't the first pope get crucified upside down? Shouldn't all Catholics get to vote on a replacement pope? Is pope suppose to be capitalized like God? Popes used to have lots of sex, they don't anymore, why is that? God is a fascist, why is that good?  Is the pope a fascist?  Is there any contender whose last name is Sicolla? Is it okay to make fun of popes? What if the pope grew a beard?  Is that a clam on his head?  No, its a Yarmulke!   How do you pronounce that? Can I make fun of jews and popes at the same time? How about Muslims. Why do they were dresses?  And what are the hiding under their hats? Do Muslims use toilet paper? How much trouble am in in now? Gosh, silly is as silly does.


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