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Supreme Court 7 to 1 to not Execute Black man

Supreme Court 7 to 1 to not Execute Black man

When I heard this news on the radio this morning with a reading of Chief Justice Roberts’ decision over a 1987 case where prosecutors in Georgia kept African Americans off the jury to insure a death sentence for a black man who killed a white woman I wanted to know the score. Finally they said it was a 7 to 1 decision without mentioning the One. I was in the car without a phone and though I knew who The One was immediately, I had to get home to Google it to make sure.

Roberts’ wrote “The focus on race in the prosecution’s file plainly demonstrates a concerted effort to keep black prospective jurors off the jury,” in the seven to one decision. Okay now look at the picture.  Can you guess which justice wanted the black man executed no matter the prosecutors in the case used race to get the death penalty?

Yer right!  Clarence Slappy Thomas, who is preceded only by George Zimmerman, Ted Nugent and OJ Simpson as the most repulsive human being in America.  The legacy of President George H Bush who put an angry bitter ugly man whose politics seldom go beyond his loathing of white liberals, black women, the NAACP and himself into the position of  one of the most powerful men in America.

Impeach the SOB. But as he has said in so many words while giving us all the finger and a giggle – Bwhahaha, liberals are going to impeach the only black man on the Supreme Court? Bwhahahaha. I got a free ride. But it’s okay, he’s Rush Limbaugh’s best pal.