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Trevor Noah presents the TSA in action

Trevor Noah presents the TSA in actionIt’s religion, no need to ask questions when God’s on your side, while here in America our God Jesus has become an intolerant bigoted life member of the NRA.  What a success for Osama bin Laden who’s religion says is now cavorting with 72 virgins in paradise and  has cost just America alone three trillion dollars and a change in the way we all live since the Civil Rights Act.

I have a bit of advice for yall concerning this.  I try to listen to either Morning Edition or All Things Considered everyday in the car. About 25 years ago when the Middle East was much like it is today – and the 25 years before that –  I decided no more.  If there was a story about  the bloody armpit of the world seeped in rubble holy dirt, turn it off. I began doing the same for any news broadcast and I am better for it. Give the Jews, North and South Dakota and let’s be done with it. Oops, forgot about the holy dirt. When it comes to holy dirt, I think the people involved get what they deserve.

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