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Texas Ice House IV

I stayed at home to watch George’s acceptance speech, I didn’t want to take the chance of sitting at a table next to a standing franticly cheering conservative who could very well release a splash of bodily fluid into my beer.
I just can’t seem to come up with much to say about the speech. All the other speakers were better, and all he said was that everything is swell and he will kill as many people as it takes to keep it that way, without wavering. Don’t think think twice, its all right.
So rather than go over his hour of boring nonsense, I close this GOP campaign week with some math. The score is the Muslims have have killed about 4000 of us and we about 40,000 of them, putting the Muslims behind 36,000. So they have a lot of killing to do before they get even. And as we have seen from the GOP convention this week, getting even is what its all about.

Texas Ice House V