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The Marco Rubio crash, Streeter Cartoon

marco rubia crashes, mark streeter

I really like the little note at the bottom… The GOP needs a new NOT STUPID savior!  How about… Rand Paul?  Gosh… Or better yet a Hispanic!  Ted Cruz!! OMG… Or maybe Ted Nugent?  Gee…

Okay there are a couple possibilities.  Jeb Bush, but he is old and farts a lot. They need young and new.  And Hispanic. How about Jeb's son George P. Bush who is presently campaigning in Texas for one of the top 3 statewide positions? But he is out of the running because he isn't anything yet. Maybe President Jeb Bush and Vice President George P. Bush?  Bush Bush 2016. Hey JFK and RFK came close to that kind of thing.

And what better for America than TWO more BUSHES! We had one mediocre Bush and another who is looking to be one in the list of worst ten presidents – maybe even in the the bottom five. And we have Bush Gardens, Bush Beer, Bush Babies, a Burning Bush, and of course the must fun bush of all, the Bushmaster!  What we need is not a little more bush, but a lot more bush in our lives.


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