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The Only Good Liberal is a Dead Liberal

There are endless examples of Rush Limbaugh opening up the darkness inherent in the conservative heart for all to see. His rise to syndication was due to the notoriety he gained in Sacramento where he would read off the names of men who died of AIDS and hit the applause button. There is the giddy joy he took in the deaths of Curt Cobain, Jerry Garcia, and Christopher Reeves to name a few, and of course his coup de grace, calling 13 year old Chelsea Clinton a dog. Now it is making fun of someone with a horrible disease without apology because he doesn’t like their politics. Bubba is Limbaugh’s top dittohead.
“I mean really Bubba, how can you listen to that disgusting sack of crap? He represents all that is horrid in the human condition! There isn’t one good thing to say about him! "
“He says what needs to be said which no one else is saying!”
“Are you out of your mind? No one else is saying!  Well, besides The President, the Vice President, the entire Bush Administration, the Well of both the Houses of Congress, most of the Supreme Court, almost the entire bandwidth of the AM Dial, the top news network Fox News, the top daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal, and from most churches for Christsake!"
“Don’t have a stroke there Rack! Burns your butt doesn’t it? And that’s the point, anything that burns a liberals’ butt is a good thing!”
“The abject hypocrisy of the man’s character doesn’t bother you? A chickenhawk supporter of the war in Vietnam who refused to go himself. A morphine addict who promotes jail for morphine addicts other than himself. No children, three divorces, no church, gets caught with Viagra returning from a weekend at a Caribbean sex playground and then touts himself as Americas’ spokesman for Family Values!  A garden slug beats Limbaugh in the character department!"
“Calm down Rack! Look at yourself! You see why our harmless fluffball is so loved by so many?  I bet he causes strokes and coronaries in a couple liberals everyday, which is a good thing. Rush is good for America!”
“So all you want in this world is to see liberals die?”
“No, what I want is my taxes to go down, and if it takes a few liberals moving six feet under, it’s a fair and necessary trade off.”
“And you have no problem sleeping at night?”
“Like a baby.”