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The Trump Fart heard ’round the World

Fart heard 'round the World

Fart heard 'round the World

Hey Don, they aren’t laughing at America they are laughing at you, you dumbfk.

I suppose that has been said literally a million times since Friday.

And since the London Bridge terrorism our flatulent Orange Buffoon has tweeted himself into ever more trouble with everyone everywhere. Adding to that debacle his series of Trump tweets just this morning are a horror show for his people in the Russian investigation and now attacking England for christsake. Insulting the EU and NATO was not enough, he has to now include Brexit England.  Gosh. This guy would be dangerous on a school board in Kansas yet along president of the United States.

Trump is having serious problems finding people to appoint to his administration as any reasonable person with a good resume doesn’t want to take the chance of ruining their names and careers for a fat flatulent dickhead who has no idea what he is doing, and worse, could care less.

We are spending too much time with this Russian thing hoping it will result in impeachment for either obstruction of justice or treason. I have heard Trump supporters say on TV and in person that they do not care if he obstructed justice or even committed treason, it doesn’t matter to them one wit. Like shooting someone on 5th avenue, or if were to get caught “dating” his daughter, nothing matters to these people other than giving liberals, the media and anyone smarter than coleslaw the finger.

Oh they say JOBS JOBS JOBS!  These people are dumber than just the cabbage in that coleslaw. I mean the carrots and the mayo add a little intrigue to it doanyknow.

The jobs are leaving not because Muslims, Mexicans or a wall too low, they are disappearing because the very people they vote for are taking those jobs offshore or buying more robots to replace them here at home. And we are suppose to reach out to these nasty nitwits? That a little reason and a kind word will change their views and votes?  Are you fking nuts?

Let’s let Mueller do the investigation and Impeachment. The level of incompetence, his mental instability and the horror of the policies of this clown is enough to show him the door.

What is needed is not only everyone with a lick of sense refusing to join up with his crazy sinking ship, but for those already there and are not his syncopates to resign.

How many are there in the administration who are not in the cult? Seems like only three, Mattis, McMaster and Tillerson. Step up to the plate guys and walk away before you ruin what’s left of you careers and good names.

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