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The Trump Toadies are forever

The Trump Toadies with recognizable names still in the clown car who will have to live with it for the rest of their lives:

Giuliani, Eric, Kellyanne, Bannon, both Huckabees, Hewitt, David Duke, Pirro, Putin, Pompeo, Paul Ryan, Steven Miller, Falwell, Scott Biao, Junior, Stephen Moore, Un, Dershowitz, Nugent, Hannity, Ivanka, Duterte, Franklin Graham, Kid Rock, Palin, Melania, Kanye, Piers Morgan, Diamond, Silk, James Wood, Roy Moore, Laura Graham, Pence, Gorka, Tucker, Mitch McConnell, Stone, DeVos and that slow witted HUD guy I keep getting mixed up with Herman Cain.

They man not have a physical tattoo of Trump on their back like Roger Stone has with Nixon, but it will be there and not removable.