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Trump, the Cartoon President Touts Medieval Solutions for Wall – Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper addresses Trump and his wall in cartoon form, arguably the most appropriate medium for covering all Trump ‘news.’

At one time, ‘Build a Wall’ was merely a dispensable lie that became a wildly popular campaign rally cheer. Trump sold the idea so well, that his base expects to see the barrier materialize.  And now, Trump is up against – the wall.  Informed that walls are medieval, in a recent address, Trump responded by comparing wheels and walls. Trump assured the crowd  that he checked all the cars, and they are still propelled by wheels. “Wheels and walls. There’s nothing like a wall,” Trump opined. Trump has discarded the idea of a cement wall, now a steel wall has been shown to be insecure. Perhaps a wall made of wheels is the way to go?

Is it possible that Trump may go medieval in all things? Walls and moats go together. Trump, musing that we may one day have a president for life, is not speaking of a future king. Trump fancies himself as supreme ruler, and this is important, crowns do keep hair securely in place.  Passing bills is confusing for Trump. Why not settle matters with sword duels between Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell?  Trump actually borrowed a meme from Game of Thrones;The Wall is Coming,’  it’s a short hop to ice zombies, magic, and dragons. Oh, and by the way, their wall FELL at end of last season.
Mexico didn’t pay for that wall either.