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To Email or not to Email, that is our world

824rvvvWhere are Hillary Clinton’s health insurance emails, her doctor’s emails, the hospital emails, the nurse station emails, the valet parking emails, this will not get off the ground unless we get the emails on this.

And while we are at it, where are the Vince Foster emails? The Mena, Arkansas emails? And what about the Kenya emails? If only we had more emails to straighten everything out.

Did Dr Seuss ever do a book called The Tales of Emails from Shemalrs with Tails?
Romeo oh Romeo where art though emails?
Email or not to email that is the question.
Let there be emails.
Still haven’t found what emails I am looking for.
Father forgive them their emails.
One if by twitter two if by email.
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about your emails.
I did not have emails with that woman.
There you email again.
All we have to email is email itself.
Blessed are the email finders.

Is there a saturation point? I am coming to understand that unlike men, a Presidential nominee without a penis must be perfect.