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True Believers on The Right

Late in January, 100,000 people participated in a peace rally on the Mall in Washington DC. This week the estimate was only 20,000 but with the added fun of a loud, vocal counter demonstrations to "protect our hollowed ground" and "our historic monuments" from pinko seditious criminals. Not only were these fine conservative Republicans screaming "Commie!" while giving just about everyone the finger, they were also carrying large banners that screeched "GO TO HELL YOU TRAITORS!" and individual held signs poignantly explaining conservative ideology in just two words "PEACE SUCKS!" I found this somewhat reminiscent of my time protesting the Vietnam War and suffering getting pelted with good hearted beer cans tosses and cheerfully being spit upon by real Americans. Oh and not to forget the sign of those conservative times, "NUKE THE GOOKS!" Same pleasant people, same pleasant ideology.
In the 40 years since those days Ronald Reagan, AM talk radio, 12 years of conservative control of congress and K-Street, our fall into religious silliness and an electorate too lazy and disengaged to care, the dynamic has changed. In 1971 the polls showed that 60% of both Democrats and Republicans were against the war in Vietnam. Today in Iraq, 91% of Democrats and 25% of Republicans say its time to leave.
Over the past generation we have witnessed THE RED take over about 90% of our geographical map while THE BLUE receded further into urban enclaves. But last November’s wake up call which so many of us had been awaiting for so long finally arrived, a dynamic political change is taking place. The Right is still alive and well, as horrible, disgusting, organized and populated as ever. What has changed is the now must not only suffere Democratic oversight for all their shennigans, but they have lost the affection of the no longer lazy and complacent independents and moderates, they have lost the electorate.
On the other side, with the recent makeover of The New Republic from mush mouthed center to a move to the Left and the fall of the concept of the "New Democrats" the Left has woken from its slumber. About time I say! More investigations! More subpoenas! More fighting in the streets! And let’s keep it that way forever.