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Trump Colors Flag Incorrectly, Twitter Colors Him Clueless

Donald Trump hugs the flag, he even turned one into a yo-yo in a fit of pique over John McCain, but Trump clearly has never really looked at the flag – not the American one.  Alex Azar, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services presumably hoped to show Trump in a human moment when he released a photo of Trump coloring a flag with a group of Ohio children. After the photo hit Twitter, people worldwide were quick to note that Trump was the only kid coloring his flag incorrectly.

Trump began by using blue to color in the stripes. Observing two little girl’s flags in which the stripes were properly colored red and white, Trump’s Freudian slip appeared when he added a red stripe to his own effort, effectively reproducing the Russian flag in miniature.

Some defenders were quick to insist that Trump was showing his support for the police; thank you Kellyann. Still others noted the irony in light of Trump’s wrong-headed insistence that the NFL protest amounts to ‘disrespecting’ the flag, U.S. troops, and the National Anthem. Speaking of the National Anthem, Trump doesn’t know the words to that little ditty either.

If the infamous graduate of Wharton Business College and leader of the free world, the man who has it ‘all up here’ (pointing to his head) ever needs a hint again – he need only glance at his lapel. He’s been wearing a flag pin for two years.

Trump Mocked For Coloring American Flag Incorrectly