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Trump says Google Search illegal!

Another conspiracy to detract from every other thing President Trump does. Google is out to get him and needs to rewrite their log rhythms to present more good bigly wonderful stories about Donald Trump!  Namely that the military and veteran groups [his base] forced him to forego his petty vindictiveness to put the flag back down.

Hey, the Google / Adsense log rhythms are the best kept secret in the world. Control of trillions of dollars. One of the biggest tech industries is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

We with websites know what it is all about.  95% or so of the the results are how many outside links to it a website has. Period.  Which by the way, has caused most every mom and pop website to die over the past five years or so.

So, Trump has now taken out Amazon and Google. Come on Donny, Apple and Facebook are still against you. Go get em!

Trump Takes Aim at Google, Claims Search Results ‘RIGGED’ Against Him: ‘Illegal?’