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What if they did manage to overturn Roe vs Wade

Blast from the past – I wrote this in 1993

What if they did manage to overturn Roe vs Wade

Republican legislation cutting programs for children show conservatives to be far more concerned with potential children than they are with the real thing

The overturn of Roe vs. Wade had an immediate impact upon the nation. The Southern states used the judgment to not only outlaw abortion, but to force religion into every facet of public life. As Congress and the Supreme Court handed down case after case giving the States back the rights they had lost in the first Civil War, a coalition formed calling themselves the Southern Christian Unity of Man. As the direction and reality of the SCUM hit home, millions of young women soon began moving North, leaving many of the remaining males even more sexually frustrated than they had previously been. Frustration led to bitterness, and before long religious intolerance ushered in a new era of old prejudices. Soon the women leaving were followed by gays, liberals, Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics and finally even all the bunnies and squirrels had absconded North. It was not a one way street of course, many small organizations from all over the North and West moved South; the various militias, the Heritage Foundation, the Aryan Nations, the Young Republicans, the Skinheads and the EIB Network. The Southern Unity soon seceded from the Union behind what became known around the world as The Line of Reason.

After most of the women and liberals had left and all the homosexuals, Jews, all the Blacks and and all the Mexicans a wall was erected to keep what few women remained as breeding stock. Soon only religious intolerance, racism, bigotry, hate and kudzu dominated the landscape.

Soon The Southern Unity aligned with the theocracies of the Middle East, while the North moved closer to the notion of liberal democracy practiced in Western Europe. The die was cast and war was in the wind.

The Civil War II ended much the same as the first Civil War. The wall served the North as a ready made blockade allowing them to ignore the SCUM, and with United Nations sanctions it became apparent to all that the Unity had to either break out and attack or starve. The dichotomy of values between the two nations was so overwhelming that dialogue was not even possible. So much so that the prolific cry from the first Civil War of “Kill the NWORDSs and capture the Yankees!” was changed to “Kill the NWORDS, Spics, Queers, Liberals and capture the Women!” As The SCUM took that cry literally, surrender became an impossible option for either side.

The outcome was sure and swift. Once again an army of dedicated racist bigots with personal weapons bought at gun shows were no match for the hardware, population and armies of the North. After they lost the war, Unity members who did not commit suicide emigrated to Palestine where they are still awaiting word on recognition for a White Christian Homeland.

Here in America the subsequent de-population coupled with an immediate 50 point surge in average I.Q scores created such a good government and economy that abortions have became rare. The lesson learned is a two edged sword. Those whose political values are based upon intolerance, bigotry and hate are better served by dispersing themselves throughout the population while the rest of us are best served by letting them amass in geographical congregation and then just allow the conflict between good and evil to run its historic predetermined course.