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Who is Trump’s Friend Chris Ruddy? CNN fails miserably to explain

Who is Trump's Friend Chris Ruddy? CNN fails miserably to explain

Who is Trump's Friend Chris Ruddy? CNN fails miserably to explainThe CNN headline is Who is Trump’s Friend Chris Ruddy which they completely failed to explain. Sure he is The Donald’s pal down in Palm Beach and a member of Mar a Lago. And he is in the news along with Newt Gingrich for trying to get Trump to fire Robert Mueller, going so far as to say that the President is on his way to doing just that.

Though Ruddy, like Rush Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach and shares the same body image, right-wing politics, lies and conspiracy theories, they are not the same person as some have suggested. Though I could not find a picture of them together.

Christopher Ruddy came to prominence in 1994 for floating the conspiracy theory that First Lady Hillary Clinton murdered White House legal counsel Vince Foster. Ruddy quit his job at the right-wing NEW YORK POST, and with William Melon Scaife’s millions at his disposal, went to the Pittsburgh Gazette, owned by Scaife, to go full time on the Vince Foster conspiracy that First Lady Hillary Clinton murdered Foster to hide the affair she was having with him.

So the theory goes… I am not kidding…

Hillary shot Vince Foster shot in the head from inches away in her “apartments,” rolled the 6’4″ Foster in a carpet, carried the carpet with the body in it to a BROWN car behind the White House, drove to Marcy Part at lunch hour on a sunny Summer day, carried the body in the carpet 100 yard to a wooded area, put the gun in Foster’s hand, carried the carpet back to the Brown car and returned to the White House with no one seeing her. And tens of millions of ignorant Republican boobs believed that silly crap.

Ruddy spend two full years exclusively working that one conspiracy theory, which Rush Limbaugh jumped on which dominated his radio presence for five years and still brings up to this day.

No matter seven police agencies including special Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr said repeatedly there was not one shred of evidence that suggested that Vice Foster died from anything other than a self inflicted bullet wound to the head at Marcy Park. Christopher Ruddy kept going and going with it no matter. 

Christoper Ruddy is the father of right-wing conspiracy theories, alternate facts and Fake News, the precursor to Alex Jones, Infowars, Breitbart, Limbaugh, Michael Savage and so on.   All of whom, like the TV preachers, make millions of dollars off the ignorance of the Republican Base.

It took this last election for The Media to finally come to terms with just how many ignorant hate filled savages there are in America. 62 million of whom vote. Add to that the ones who don’t vote if you want real nightmares.

But reach out to them!  Good luck with that…

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