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Whoopi Goldberg throws Jeanine Pirro out the door rather than out the window

Jeanine Pirro joins the shitstorm blizzard of Trump snowflakes crying and whining and carrying on like little wieners all over the place.  Hell, I would have thrown Jeanine Pirro out the door just for that crazy enunciation she has that makes everyone’s skin crawl.  Yet alone being second only to Alex Jones in the whacked out right-wing lunatic gang.

And the Trumpers screaming about Whoopi is an even great and grander snowflake blizzard.

But on the good side, Jeanine did not get an appointment to the Supreme Court as Trump had wanted but some sane person still hiding in a closet in the West Wing talked him out of it.

Jeanine Pirro Says Whoopi Goldberg’s Blowup on The View Made Her Feel ‘Less Than Dirt’