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Will ‘Weather Weapon’ Tornado Theory End GOP Indulgence of Alex Jone’s Conspiracy Fringe? Rachel Maddow

Will 'Weather Weapon' Tornado Theory End GOP Indulgence of Alex Jone's Conspiracy Fringe?  Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow makes a fascinating and bone-chilling report on the latest ridiculous conspiracy theory from Alex Jones Infowars enthusiasts that the Moore, Oklahoma tornado was the product of a U.S. government “weather weapon,” and implores Republicans who indulge Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories in Congress to finally write off this portion of their base.

If you’re not familiar with Alex Jones and his hi-jinks, Rachel fills us in briefly. In just one typical move, Jones  convinced his followers to confront grieving parents at Sandy Hook, saying the shooting was a staged scam and that they were actors. Name a national tragedy and Jones has a conspiracy for it.  That’s why it’s beyond imagining what he can do with his Weather Warfare theory.  Apparently  Obama is directing tornadoes now!  Jones has already inspired Republicans  to to draft legislation.  That’s impressive.   More specifically, they wish to limit the number of bullets the Federal agencies can stockpile…Not tanks, not drones or missiles. Just bullets – he has his reasons, and the frightening aspect  of this nightmare is that the GOP enables him without question.