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Bill Maher Monologue, Operation Desert Stormy, April 13 2018

The strike on Syria is of course what any president would have done, but not a week before saying he would be pulling out of Syria. Or the suspected reason for it, deflection from Trump having prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed, which we find he is consumed with.

All this dirt on Trump is really nothing compared to what Paul Ryan did to us with that tax plan adding $1.5 trillion to the debt giving the wealthy a new Porsche 911 while the Republican Base get a car payment or two for their F150. With Paul Ryan winning that one, now all he and his gang of Republicans have to to is destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Snap, unions and Social Security. With their base loving it.

What are the three issues that make the Trump Base go against their own well being?

  1. A seething all consuming hatred of Liberals [anyone smarter than they are]
  2. Denying women their freedom and liberty to chose an abortion and birth control
  3. Bigotry and racism

I suppose those last two can be rearranged by region.

Who are the most despicable American man and women of the 20th Century?

  1. Roy Cohn
  2. Ayn Rand

The first was Trump’s mentor, the second Paul Ryan’s mentor. Enough said.

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