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Canadian Video: Canadian Legislature vows to never become a safe haven for Zombies

no zombie haven in canadaAnd the opposition stands up in agreement!  What a place!  Here if Obama had made such a declaration the Republicans would have voted unanimously to make America a safe haven for Zombies.  And besides, there will be no joking around in the US Congress as there is in Canada and Great Britain. NO SIR EEE.One think we can all agree on, Republicans are not funny people.

In fact it was just yesterday when John McCain proudly got on camera to tell the media the GOP will to its best to destroy the Hagel nomination because of personal and political vindictiveness. Ah… You see how much better a constitutional government is than a parliamentary system?  It assures all Americans  will forever have more nutjobs running amok with ever more rapid fire destructive assault rifles NO MATTER WHAT. It's what we were founded upon. SHOOTING THE SHIT OUT EVERYTHING.


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