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Daily Show, Where will Trump start World War III?

Daily Show, Where will Trump start World War III?

Daily Show, Where will Trump start World War III?I am not going to lie, I have done some good acid in my life but never so much I forgot what country I bombed.

World War III? Not so much, but millions of dead Koreans, more than possible.

I spent a year on the DMZ in Korea. In bunkers a few hundred meters from the actual markers on the 38th parallel. Looking down the barrel of a few MILLION North Koreans soldiers trained in head removal only a few Klicks away. Any dumbass mistake by a president or a general meant I and everyone on the DMZ would be dead in an hour. Behind us? A klick back a giant 25 foot fence with an opening only every 5 klicks. And a few klicks behind that the freezing river with only one bridge called Freedom Bridge leading to Panmunjom.  I was there for the Pueblo Incident when things were flaring.

Seoul is 35 miles from the DMZ, All those missiles and bombs and artillery seen in that parade can reach Seoul and pound it do a pulp in a few hours. Not to mention Hiroshima sized nukes delivered easily 35 miles. And of course 2 million soldiers on their way in hours.

But a few weeks after all that death and destruction it would be the end of North Korea.  Are a few million South Korean lives worth no more North Korea? Ask the South Koreans. But please for your own well being do not ask anyone who voted for The Donald.

And besides what has North Korea done to you?  Or to us? Or to anyone for that matter?

All the do is bluster and rattle and subjugate their people to a miserable totalitarian regime. They do it so well that most people there like it. Sad. But not war sad.

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