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David Letterman Top Ten Things Overheard At Mitt Romney’s Retreat

David Letterman  Top Ten Things Overheard At Mitt Romney's Retreat

Tonight David Letterman counts down The Top Ten Things overheard at Mitt Romney’s   recent retreat with his pals from the GOP.  Romney, in his reputed role as ‘king-maker’ recently hosted Republicans at a luxury Utah resort.  People who study the species say Romney is behaving in the capacity of  king-maker and  brains of the Republican Party. This news promises good times to come! He was already Mr. Personality and the go-to guy for party planning.

It’s fortunate that  Dave has collected ten funny and frivolous items alleged overheard at the Utah shindig. We already know that Republicans retreated in grand style, to discuss only three things – Benghazi and  the subset ‘get Hillary, and of course to decide who will be king.  Of course we know that despite his mama’s wishes, Jeb Bush is the likely choice…But not everyone agrees.

Joe Scarboro who has been  growing increasingly emotional on MSNBC  ‘Morning Joe,’  experienced another cathartic moment during the festivities.
“Somebody here needs to start a ‘Draft Mitt’ movement,” the MSNBC host, told guests on Thursday, according to someone who was there. Another said Mr. Scarborough had compared Mr. Romney to Winston Churchill, who lost his seat in Parliament before returning to power at the outbreak of World War II, when his warnings about Nazi appeasement proved prescient.

Winston Churchill…Really Joe?
Hang in there Mika, the show is yours if you still want it!