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Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick!

Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Pick!

As Jimmy Kimmel says nothing is unbelievable in this crazy election, especially when it comes to Donald Trump – so we shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of people claim to have seen Trump announce his Vice Presidential pick on television, the very day that Lie Witness News set out to catch them telling a whopper. Maybe telling a whopper is what some people share with The Donald, but the loyalty is there, and it’s every bit as inexplicable as ever.

The Trump ‘joke’ sounds serious when even Rachel Maddow says that Trump has a 50/50 chance of winning this election. It’s even more sobering when you see who is supporting him!  Only one person in this group is not a Trump supporter, but even he has a loose association with the truth. All of these people remember watching the VP announcement with uncanny clarity. See why Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, Ivanka Trump and Arnold would…Excuse me, are  good choices for Trump’s VP!

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