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North Korea, G7, NATO and Helsinki, FOUR strikes and your fired Donnie

Trump gave the store away to Kim Jong Un for nothing in return, with the North Koreans laughing as they bond with China who Trump just hit with another round of tariffs. Then off to G7 throwing skittles at Angela Merkel, making enemies of our allies and asking that they bring back Putin. Then to NATO to again make enemies of our allies and glorify Putin.  And to top it all off, going to Helsinki on his knees to Putin telling the world that he believes a murdering dictator more than he does American FBI, CIA, NSA and Congress.

It is time for a West Wing walkout, starting with General Kelly.

And then Paul Ryan and Mictch McConnel growing some damn balls to visit the Oval Office to inform Donald that it’s over, time to go, they have the numbers to impeach and convict.