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John Stewart compares Condi Rice and 911 to Susan Rice and Benghazi

Condi Rice and friends graham and mccainGee, Jon Stewart and 20 writers sure did a better job of making this point than I did last week!
The hypocrisy dripping off this one goes beyond the pale. From the reasoning of these Senators Condi Rice should never have been made Secretary of State and they are not qualified to be Senators. This is so… Um… REPUBLICAN. Susan Rice had nothing to do with any of this. Hillary was out of town so she got the job for REPEATING exactly the intelligence the CIA¬† gave her. So the incompetence is completely and totally on the shoulders of CIA Director General David Patraeus, who both Graham and McCain see as not only the hero of your times buy in a God like aura. And I still do not see the motive here. Obama got Bin Laden, and has decimated al Qaeda so what’s it matter one failure in one failure of a country?

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