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Key & Peele Video: Lonely Post-Apolcalyptic Search For Surviving Fellow Humans

Key & Peele : Lonely Post Apocalyptic  Search for Other Living Humans

It's been 173 days since The Undoing — there's got to be another human being out there.  Unlike the Doomsday Preppers, whom we presume are cozily burrowed underground with their guns and Costco goodies, this lonely man is in search of another human being.  Someone to talk to, to share the challenges of survival on this alien landscape…And the knowledge that he will not be alone forever!  Just when he believes that he must face being the only human being alive – another man appears, and he must ask himself  'What price companionship?'

Although a comedy, this  sketch raises some questions.  Would you wish to survive a devastating world-wide catastrophe, where you might have to battle unknown odds to survive…Alone?   Perhaps you're  making plans to do so as you read this?  If so, put down the cases of  Costco creamed corn, and ask yourself whether you've included a can opener.  While you're at it, think seriously about whether you'd lower your standards a bit – and hide the guns,  for the sake of companionship?


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