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Liberal Redneck, Putin and Trump together forever

The Liberal Redneck got to the point. Trump laying down like a bearskin rug in the Snowking’s torture chamber is because Putin has something on him, more horrendous that just some pee tape. which Trump’s base would love and cause him to go up in the polls. Hell, peeing on Obama’s bed makes Trump even more beloved by his gang than making fun of cripples or bragging about grabbing women by the snatch. It’s a win win. No it is something more.  My guess is one of three things.  Putin has his tax returns, Putin has proof he paid for abortions, or that he had someone murdered. On 4th Avenue.

Or Trump as really just as stupid as he seems to be.

The Liberal Redneck did a well done dialogue of Putin and Trump in their two hours spent together that we know nothing about.  They both want to destroy the Mueller investigation, they both hate the free press [thetruth]and want to destroy it and they are both egomanical fascists.

But they also have one other thing in common, together they control 98% of the nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles in the world. Together they can actually destroy the planet with 15,000 Hbombs.  And so far one of them has used them on dense population centers.

A new Axis of Evil. A white Christian axis of evil. Again…

Liberal Redneck – Vlad n Donnie 2gether 4ever