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Treason in Helsinki! But FIVE say Trump did a great job!

Well I have to list those who are telling us what a great job Trump did in Helsinki with Putin. Because that list is thousands of entries shorter than those from all sides now using both the “impeachment” and the “treason” words.  So far we have these Trump Koolaid boys.

First is Fox News Sean Hannity who attacks ‘Weak, Pathetic, Visionless, Feckless, Spineless Republicans’ for criticizing Trump.

Next we have Fox News Howard Kurtz saying criticism of Trump at Helsinki is “over the top” bashing and hate of Donald Trump.

Then there is Fox News Lou Dobbs saying those criticizing Trump at Helsinki “are morons” and “stupid” and that he “handled himself perfectly” with Putin.

And Fox News Tucker Carlton who blamed things on Mexico for interfering in our elections far worse than Putin because of legal immigration of those darker and not as smart as white Russians.

And of course Senator Rand Paul who puts the blame not on Putin or Trump but on the media “Trump derangement syndrome.”

There are now more than a few Republicans stepping up to the plate over this buffoon that snuck into the White House. Ed Rollins said Trump needs a lobotomy. Treason is the word of the day.

And what does Trump say?  That ‘”Paul Manafort is a nice man who they are treating like Al Capone.” Oh and that everything is Obama’s fault and how he won the elections and that he is a genius.

NY Daily News Depicts Trump Shooting Uncle Sam in Latest Cover: ‘OPEN TREASON’ 


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