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Republicans Love Gay Marriage, Love Hurts! Mark Fiore Animation

Republicans Love Gay Marriage,  animation Mark Fiore

Dogboy & Mr. Dan are back again, this time taking a look at the gay marriage cases in front of the Supreme Court! Are Republicans getting on the gay marriage bandwagon?   Mr. Dan doesn’t believe so, he trusts in conservative values upheld by conservative courts. He has no worries about amoral gays dancing atop traditional Republican family values…Until Dogboy makes him a bit uneasy by naming Republicans who have had a change of heart.  Mr. Dan refuses to admit concern – after all, the Republicans who have softened regarding gay rights are not “real red blooded Republicans!”  Some are speaking under duress, due to recent  revelations by their offspring. When the time comes to vote, surely they’ll do the right thing. Then again, maybe Mr. Dan and the inflexible right wing will find that love hurts – just like doing the right thing does sometimes ?